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About us

Kemlite Piping Solution is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of hardware equipment which is used in Oil, Gas, Nuclear and Petrochemical industries. The product range offered by the company includes Stainless Steel Forged Fittings, SS Compression Fittings, Flanges, Bars and Seamless SS Pipe. The company offers the option of customization to fulfill the requirements of the clients more appropriately. We are renowned for providing high quality products which are incomparable in terms of durability and accuracy.

Our Values

Our clients are our topmost priority and we want to satisfy them through our qualitative production. One of our biggest dreams is to be renowned as the most preferred sources of piping solutions, globally. By fulfilling the requirements of the clients, we are able to create a long list of regular clients.

Why Us?

There are many features of our business because of which customers choose us over any other contender in the market. These features are:
  • We offer customized solution
  • The packaging of the products is done under the guidance of our professional packaging team
  • We offer multiple payment modes
  • Our products are known for their high quality
  • We have a prompt delivery system
  • Our products are offered at highly reasonable prices.
Our Industries

We want to expand our business and get acknowledged as one of the leading companies which provide best piping solutions. One of our mission is to to achieve the targets of our industries and emerge as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in domestic and international markets.


We are renowned in the domestic and international markets for offer high quality products. We provide the test certificate of the material along with the consignment. Each piece has its certificate attached with it.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance system of our company is supported by unique working culture of our company. We believe, as  a customer focused organization it is our responsibility to provide our customers with best piping solutions.

Quality Objectives

We believe that three elements are very important for quality which the company ensures through its services:

  • Independence and Objectivity.
  • Technical Quality
  • Scientific Quality
  • Benefits of the clients.
Our Excellence and Quality Standards

We are able to maintain consistent high quality standards through our well-equipped infrastructure. In our company, strict measures of quality are implemented. Our team of quality analysts conducts several quality tests which are done on various parameters. We are committed to provide durable products which can fulfill the requirements of the clients appropriately.

Quality Control

We adopt strict quality control measures to ensure dimensional accuracy and high performance of the products. We make sure that all the manufactured products go through our quality assessment which has the following stages:

  • Certification test
  • Supplementary test
  • Marketing and finishing
  • Tests for checking the durability and dimensional accuracy
  • System of process control


There are certain principles which are made to ensure the production and supply of high quality products. We provide our customers with best products which are not available anywhere. As a customer-focused organization the time and money of the customers are among our concerns. Appreciation from the clients is something for which we are engaged in business activities day night. In addition to this, we try to always fulfill what we commit, so our clients can trust us.  

Why Choose Us?

There are many features of our business because of which we are acknowledged as one of the most reliable piping solution providers:

  • Largest working area
  • Quality Assurance
  • Product sourcing
  • Packaging
  • Third part Inspection
  • Prompt delivery
  • Customer Support system

Export Market

  • Macau
  •   Croatia
  •   Atyrau
  •   Cairo
  •   Kuwait
  •   Ulsan
  •   Geoje
  •   Hong Kong
  •   Bangkok
  •   Montreal
  •   Seoul
  •   Santiago
  •   Colombo
  •   Ahvaz
  •   Dallas
  •   Istanbul
  •   Ireland
  •   Taiwan
  •   Austria
  •   Trinidad & Tobago
  •   Tunisia
  •   Colombia
  •   Kenya
  •   Singapore
  •   Poland
  •   Vietnam
  •   Azerbaijan
  •   Granada
  •   Malaysia
  •   Kuala Lumpur
  •   Perth
  •   Courbevoie
  •   Busan
  •   Dammam
  •   Ukraine
  •   Philippines
  •   Sri Lanka
  •   Denmark
  •   Lebanon
  •   Angola
  •   Bolivia
  •   Bhutan
  •   Moscow
  •   MILAN

  •   Australia
  •   Hungary
  •   Netherland
  •   Lithuania
  •   Romania
  •   Yemen
  •   Finland
  •   Venezuela
  •   Slovakia
  •   Namibia
  •   Mumbai
  •   Dia
  •   Uae
  •   Qatar
  •   Libya
  •   Algeria
  •   Tanzania
  •   Ethiopia
  •   Africa
  •   Ghana
  •   Egypt
  •   Zambia
  •   Piru
  •   Sweden
  •   Costa Rica
  •   France
  •   Belarus
  •   Oman
  •   Czech Republic
  •   Sharjah
  •   Brisbane
  •   Howrah
  •   Riyadh
  •   Karachi
  •   Gabon
  •   Russia
  •   South Korea
  •   Jordan
  •   Mongolia
  •   Lagos
  •   La Victoria
  •   Greece
  •   Los Angeles
  •   Serbia
  •   Iraq

  •   Dionysian
  •   Ankara
  •   Ho Chi Minh City
  •   Doha
  •   Melbourne
  •   Vung Tau
  •   Ankara
  •   Hanoi
  •   Portugal
  •   Morocco
  •   Chile
  •   Tibet
  •   Gambia
  •   Norway
  •   Germany
  •   Ecuador
  •   Turkey
  •   South Africa
  •   Nigeria
  •   Peru
  •   Chile
  •   Madagascar
  •   Brazil
  •   Manama
  •   Caracas
  •   Brisbane
  •   Estonia
  •   Zimbabwe
  •   Switzerland
  •   Tehran
  •   Jubail
  •   Edmonton
  •   Jakarta
  •   Madrid
  •   Houston
  •   Bogota
  •   Jeddah
  •   Calgary
  •   Milan
  •   Muscat
  •   Israel
  •   Kazakhstan
  •   Afghanistan
  •   Mexico

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